Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ur Sweet Memory Comes to me....

Whenever I go in my Past life garden & see the rose.
My Memorable remembrance goes on goes.
In few moments,I live with you,
this feeling is lovely & new.

I think,it is raining,
& I am flying with my wing.
This wing is built up by your love.
my life be like the Rove.

Sometimes,I feel you very close to me,
gazing in my heart & slowly to see.

Perhaps,I awaken from my dreams,
& forget all my will of enemies team.
Whenever I see moving birds in the sky.
Ur Sweet memory comes to me why?

Is this love or wish?
my thoughts always want to touch your feelings,
& carry on life without you so miss.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Will Of Soul"

This is very Interesting & Divine matter.What is the Soul and what is the "Will Of Soul?"that is what is the main aim of life for which God gives us a precious & golden Human life.This matter is very familiar to every body but noone are interested to know the spiritual feelings & imotions of our internal body.Now-a-days,In the modern era the life style is very fast.Every body are running in the competitive race of life.So,how can they lapsed time in these types of worst metaphysical theory.They are very happy & relaxed  in the physical life.They have all the things present which are required for the physical fullfillment.Why they think about the source of these things,reason for the breath without it noone can survive for a few minutes?
Our Science & Technology are so developed in this period which are able to solve any type of problem.But it is said that "Where the boundary of science is end,a new origin is started which is beyond the thought of scientist,this is the Metaphysical theory."This reason is handled by Almighty God.I ask a question to all of you.what is the main Aim of our life.Get some destination & acheive some big property is the final acheivement of life.Many philosphers & Scholars have different openion about the "Will Of Soul".But so far as i think that,All of you know that a human get different life in a lot of new born.In every life what is the identity of us.Not our physical body only our soul is our identity.Because,soul can't destroy.As the law of nature "Soul can't be created,can't be destroyed only transform from one body to another."Our physical body is like the uniform which is used for the some specific duty or task.But,the recognization of a human is only the soul.
We should think about that "Who am I?"This is the whole descriptive matter of life.when a person know about ownself then it get the Almighty and be the Almighty.In my view,the main aim of life,Spirit of soul or will of soul is only the meeting of soul with God.All the physical wisdom is only friends in the physical life.But,at the end of life when the main race of life is started then no any physical things are helpful in the way of achievement.Only our good behaviour,our good & helpful works are always with us which make a new horizon in anywhere in the Universe.So,whenever we are in peaceful environment then we should think about "will of soul" & "who am i?" 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

who are you?

I don't know who are you?
But,I know i am only for you.
It may be,i forget you after a time.
But you always think for mine.

It is showed,
You are my God.

I always want to live in the heaven.,
But heaven is only my God.
My God is always with me.
It fact,i can't see.

But,I feel when i am in trouble,
God helps me & come soon.
I be the happy man & remove 
My life path's gloom.
You are not near me,
with this eyes,i can't see.
I am a little man on the earth.
you are my God to death,
from my birth.